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Graham's Favourite Dance Tracks

Monday 20th May 2024 - Parish Church of the Ascension Main Hall 8pm - 10:30pm

Please bring a small plate of food for the refreshments in the interval

Tonight we focus on the music as our teacher Graham names his favourite tracks from the Association's extensive collection


The Rutland Reel
This track from Marian Anderson, although not recorded specifically for this dance and without the original tune of Mrs Mary Printy (which is used extensively as a finishing tune in most bands repertoire) perfectly accompanys the flowing patterns of the dance.
Graham's highlight - second tune, Itchy Fingers

The Duchess Tree
A lovely set of slow air strathspeys from Nicol McLaren
Graham's highlight - last tune, A Land for All Seasons

Neil M Grant
A classic track from Jim Lindsay with subtle arrangements and superb musicianship from all members of the band.
Graham's highlight - fourth tune, Cleveland Park

Cape Breton Island
Gordon Shand's driving music and a wonderful set of tunes produces a powerful track for this dance, followed by an encore track from Simon Howie with Graham's all time favourite tune, Dunaskin Glen.
Graham's highlights - fourth tune, Pablo Robertson & third tune in the encore, Dunaskin Glen

Far North Queensland
A second set from Marian Anderson, this time some punchy strathspeys to accompany this intricate and well designed dance. 
Graham's highlight - second tune, Calum's Road

Jim's Haberdashery
Four bouncy and exciting two-steps played by Nicol McLaren perfectly capture the joyful spirit of this dance.
Graham's highlight - The original tune from Felix Burns, The Bugle Call

Da Rain Dancin'
Utilising one of the tracks from RSCDS Book 51, Ian Muir from Prestwick demonstrates his skill at arranging exciting and perfectly matched tunes into sets that really make you want to jump up and dance.
Graham's highlight - fourth tune, The Calgary Fiddlers' Welcome to Shetland

The Belle of Bon Accord
More strathspeys from Nicol McLaren, this time including two from local bandleader Brian Hamilton, one written for Graham and the other for Caroline Hamilton.
Graham's highlight - second & third tunes, Graham Hamilton of Glenwood and Miss CM Sturges by Brian Hamilton

Another banging track from Gordon Shand with three classic jigs from the pen of Ian Muir (Prestwick)
Graham's highlight - fourth tune, A Jig for Archie

Glastonbury Tor
A brilliant set to finish the evening from Gordon Shand with some innovative second accordion playing by Jim Lindsay.
This track will lift even the most tired of dancing feet and perfectly rounds off a fantastic evening of great music.
Graham's highlight - fourth tune, Andy Broon's Reel