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Monday 8th January 2024 - Parish Church of the Ascension Main Hall 8pm - 10:30pm

Once again Caroline and Ludka's Soup Kitchen will be opening up for another evening of culinary delights. To accompany the fare on offer, there will be a full evening of dancing and this year we are celebrating the music of  one of Scotland's finest bandleaders.

Marian Anderson

We have a great collection of Marian's recordings in the club's library and choosing the programme was more a case of what to leave out rather than what to include. Dances such as James Gray, The Fisherman's Reel, The Chequered Court and Father Connelly's Jig could all have made the cut but tonight's programme is taken from seven of Marian's albums spanning the last 22 years.


Hooper's Jig     

(Saint Bernard's Waltz - 2005)

Far North Queensland

(The Other Kangeroo Paw - 2013)


(The Sunday Class Book 1 - 2013)

The Duke of Athol's Reel

(Highlander Music Vol.12 - 2016)

The Swan and the Tay   

(The Other Kangeroo Paw - 2013)

The Bees They are a'Drummin'

The Sunday Class Book 2 - 2016)


Staircase in Styria   (The Sunday Class Book 2 - 2016)
The Glengarry Homestead (The Kangeroo Paw - 2006)
Torridon Lassies  (The Kangeroo Paw - 2006)
Mr Iain Stuart Robertson (RSCDS Book 42 - 2002)