Autumn Social 2023 - Where is Ecclefechan Autumn Social 2023
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Monday 9th October 2023 - Parish Church of the Ascension Main Hall 8pm - 10:00pm Bring and Share refreshments

At our first dance class of the season we danced The Ecclefechan Feline for the first time and the inevitable question arose "Where is Ecclefechan"? This put me in mind of one of the rounds on "Richard Osman's House of Games", already a rich source of inspiration for themes for both lockdown and subsequent socials. The original version was called "Where is Kazakhstan" and the competitors had to locate a specific place on a map.

Below is a map of Scotland, which has various locations marked with a letter. Each location is also the name of a dance. The programme for tonight is as follows and all you have to do is to match the number of each dance with its location letter.


1 EH3 7AF

2 The Duchess Tree

3 The Chequered Court

4 Neidpath Castle

5 Polharrow Burn


6 Airie Bennan

7 Queen's View

8 Drumelzier

9 Jim's Haberdashery

10 Falls of Rogie

Click Here for the Answers

As a bonus round, there are 7 locations marked that are not in the programme. One of these is Ecclefechan, the other six are also locations of dances but can you name them?

All will be revealed at the Social.