Autumn Social 2021 - World Cup of Dances Autumn Social 2021
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Monday 4th October 2021 - Parish Church of the ascension Main Hall 8pm - 10:30pm Bring and Share refreshments

During the COVID19 pandemic, we were unable to run our usual programme of events and dance classes. Instead we held a weekly "Virtual" Dance Class via Zoom on-line meetings. During these evenings we had a series of different games and quizzes to keep us in touch with the dancing and music that we were all missing so much. Starting in September 2020 we held The World Cup of Dances tournament. Following a similar format to the football world cup, we chose the top 16 dances that we've danced over the past couple of years and split them into four groups of four dances. Each dance "played" the other dances in their group with members voting via an on-line poll for the dance they preferred in each match. The results of each match - 3 points for a win and 1 point each for a draw - were recorded in mini-league tables with the top two teams in each group qualifying for the quarter finals.

Tonight's programme consists of the top three dances in each league culminating with the Tournament Winner:


Neil M Grant

(Group C Third WLL)

The Moray Rant

(Group D Third LLD)

Falls of Rogie

(Group A Third WLW)

James Gray

(Group D Runner-up - Lost in QF WWDL)


(Group B Third LLW)

Swiss Lassie

(Group A Runner-up - Tournament Fourth Place LWWWLL)



(Winner Group B - Lost in QF WWDL)

The Dancing Master

(Group D Winner - lost in QF WWDL)

Scott Meikle

(Group C Winner - Tournament Runner-up WWWWWL)

The Dream Catcher

(Group B Runner-up lost in QF WLDL)

The Bees of Maggieknockater

(Group C Runner-up Tournament Third Place LWWWLW)

Glastonbury Tor
(Winner Group A - Tournament Winner WWLWWW)

Group Tables

* Swiss Lassie qualified as winner of the head-to-head match


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