Spring Social 2022 - Nine Dancing Decades
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Held at the Main Hall, Church of the Ascension, The Avenue, Wembley from 8pm on Monday 21st March 2022.

On 2nd June 1932 a meeting took place of several Scottish members of the Wembley Bowling Club to consider forming a Scottish society in Wembley and ninety years on, we're still going strong.

See our history page for more details.
To mark this special year in our history, tonight we are going to delve back in time and look at dances that were devised or published(*) in each decade of our existence. We will start with a brand new dance written just a couple of years ago and stroll back to a traditional dance that was published by the RSCDS in 1935 and still remains one of the most popular dances today.


2020s - London Nine-O (Lizzy Conder 2020) 8x32 Reel
2010s - Neil M Grant (Christine Grant 2012) 8x32 Jig
2000s - The Dream Catcher (RSCDS Book 45 2005*) 96 bar Strathspey
1990s - Swiss Lassie (RSCDS Book 32 1996*) 8x32 Reel
1980s - The Dancing Master (John Drewry 1989) 1x96 Jig
1970s - The Byron Strathspey (John Drewry 1975) 3x32 Strathspey
1960s - The Black Mountain Reel (Derek Haynes 1968) 5x32 Reel
1950s - Duke of Atholl's Reel (RSCDS Book 16 1951*) 8x32 Jig
1940s - The Robertson Rant (Mrs Douglas Winchester 1949) 80 bar Strathspey
1930s - The Montgomeries Rant (RSCDS Book 10 1935*) 8x32 Reel