Wembley and District Scottish Association

Summer Social


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Held at Church of the Ascension, The Avenue, Wembley from 8pm on Monday 20th May 2019.


Review of the Season


We have reached the end of another season of dance classes, but how much can you remember of the nine months since we started on 11th September 2018?

Our programme today will be a test of memory as we look back over a year in which there were 26 classes and 4 socials (not including tonight). We did 155 different dances, and if you’d done every one, you’d have taken the floor 303 times. Some dances we did quite a few times but can you guess the most popular ones?

We did one dance six times, a reel from Book 52 that was on both our Ball and West MACs, and two others five times; a medley, again from Book 52, and a four couple strathspey by Ann Dix. As we’ve done them so often, we won’t do them again tonight, but can you remember which ones they are?

At the other extreme, some dances we did only once and so, to redress the balance slightly, we shall take a stroll through the season and dance some of them again.

From just the dates that we danced them, their format and a wee clue can you identify them all?

 1)   October 1st (Autumn Social): A brightly coloured confection to eat with your Christmas bird?  (8x32 Jig)  

2)   October 29th: A member of the British Peerage, the present incumbent is the 9th since 1792. (4x48 Reel)

3)   November 5th: A thick drizzly fog of a kind common in the Scottish Highlands. (5x32 Strathspey)

4)   December 10th: Named for the 9th month of the Islamic calendar. (8x32 Reel)

5)    January 7th (New Year Social): A horseshoe shaped beach near the Western tip of the Isle of Wight. (3x32 Jig)

6)   January 21st: Danced in celebration of an astronomical event that took place earlier that day. (3x32 Strathspey)

7)   March 11th (Spring Social): One good thing to come out of Brexit? (8x32 Jig)

8)   March 25th: A region of Australia, centred on the city of Cairns(5x32 Strathspey)

9)   April 1st: A sea going vessel with modern ropes and sails? (8x48 Jig)  

10)  April 29th: A fearsome mythical beast from a city on the River Tay? (8x32 Reel)