Wembley and District Scottish Association

Spring Social 2018


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Held at Church of the Ascension, The Avenue, Wembley from 8pm on Monday 12th March 2018.

Like everyone else I have been stuck indoors during the recent cold snap and with all this extra time on my hands, I have come up with another of my rambling tales in which the list of dances for our Spring Social have been hidden. Some are obvious and some are disguised as pretty groan worthy puns for which I apologise in advance. 

There are 10 dances and they will be danced in the order they appear in the text:


The Snowball Fight

On the coldest day of the winter with snow covering the hazel tree outside, through my open window I’m watching a man having a snowball fight with his children, despite today being the meteorological first day of Spring. “Fling really hard William - get ready to duck Eleanor!” I hear the gentleman say and the next thing I know is being covered in snow as a ball sails through my window. Despite being somewhat annoyed, I managed to retain my mental equilibrium and cheerfully waved at the wicked William. “What a bad miss” Eleanor said but William just laughed and pointed at me as I shook the snow off my head. “I don’t mind being hit with a snowball” I said “but laughing and pointing is really crossing the line – that’s what happens when you give a boy an inch! Mickery, pure mickery.” The kids looked rather concerned, thinking I might be seriously cross but I was only distracting them while their father sneaked up behind them with handfuls of snow. At the last minute I cried "Now Mon Pa!" "Nasty father"  the girl shrieked as a huge dollop of snow was shoved down the back of her neck. What a fun morning it was and I was still laughing that night as I ate my 2 course dinner, starting with soup and dining last on burito. Right, have you any idea what I'm talking about?




Graham Hamilton