Wembley and District Scottish Association

Spring Social 2017


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Held at Church of the Ascension, The Avenue, Wembley from 8pm on Monday 13th March 2017.


Off Repertoire Dances


We currently have a repertoire of about 100 dances that we do here at Wembley, but there are over 14,000 dances in the online DanceData database with more being added all the time. Tonight we shall be doing just a few dances that are unknown to us but they have all been included in dance programmes in the South-East of England in the last few months and we will take them slowly and have plenty of walk-throughs. I have even added an online crib which includes full instructions for all the dances and even videos of some of them.


Score sheets were handed out on the night and the most popular dance overall was Thomas Glover's Reel with The Burntisland Jig in second place and Deer Friends third. These three dances were also the only ones to receive a perfect 10 from at least one of our dancers. The average score for each dance is shown below




Ciamar A Tha (How Are You) 6.3/10

Friendships 6.1/10

The Kissing Bridge 5.9/10

There are no Kangaroos in Austria 5.6/10

Deer Friends 7.2/10

Glen Alva 6.2/10

The Burntisland Jig 7.7/10

Chasing the Eclipse 6.2/10

Thomas Glover's Reel 8.6/10