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New Year Social 2018

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Caroline's Soup Evening

Held at Church of the Ascension, The Avenue, Wembley from 8pm on Monday 8th January 2018.

Please note we will be in the Main Hall (where we held the Christmas dance) this evening. 

Once again Caroline's Soup Kitchen will be opening up for another evening of culinary delights. To accompany the fare on offer, the programme of dances can be worked out from the following, entirely mythical, list of Christmas presents I received last year.

My Christmas Presents

I was exceedingly fortunate this festive period to receive 20 presents of all shapes and sizes. It was while mulling over these that I realised that if I paired them up I would get a set of clues to dances that would make a super programme for tonight. Can you work out the dances from the presents?


A jar of Christmassy sauce  &  a paperback copy of "The Goldfinch"

A Cranberry Tart - CRANBERRY sauce is a particular favourite at Christmas and Donna TARTT wrote the Goldfinch

A bag of Werthers Originals  &  a bottle of mead

Butterscotch and Honey - Werthers Originals are BUTTERSCOTCH flavoured and Mead is made from HONEY

A DVD of the film "Robin Hood"  &  a pair of sexy knickers

Nottingham Lace - Robin Hood came from the NOTTINGHAM area and my sexy knickers were made completely from LACE!

A top of the range Hornby train  &  an umbrella stand

Best Set in the Hall - this toy is the BEST SET and everyone keeps this IN THE HALL

A bottle of Bells  &  a perfume atomiser

Scotch Mist - SCOTCH whisky and the MIST from the atomiser

A set of novelty candles in the shape of Julius Ceasar  &  a spool of fishing line

Fireworks Reel - Roman Candles are FIREWORKS and the line came on a REEL


A bar of Vanish a set of cotton reels

Shiftin' Bobbins - Vanish is good for SHIFTING stains and cotton comes on BOBBINS

A tabletop Baseball game  &  an antique commemorative plate from 1977

Diamond Jubilee - A Baseball pitch is some times known as a DIAMOND, and 1977 was the Silver JUBILEE year, renowned for its tacky memorabilia

A Polaris Nuclear rocket   &  a bottle of fabric conditioner

Miss Eleanor - Polaris was a MISSILE and a brand of fabric conditioner is LENOR - hence Missile Lenor .... apologies for this one!

A large bar of Toblerone  &  a puppy

Swiss Lassie - Toblerone is a famous SWISS brand of chocolate and LASSIE was the eponymous canine hero in a series of movies




Graham Hamilton