Wembley and District Scottish Association

Spring Social 2020

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Held at Church of the Ascension, The Avenue, Wembley from 8pm on Monday 16th March 2020

Game of Themes

We have had many themes at our socials over the past 10 years and listed below are the ones from our Spring Socials. This year's programme contains one dance from each of them - I've added a slightly cryptic clue and their format to help you determine each dance. All the answers are on the relevant pages on this website.


2010 Riverdance The Patriarch     8x32 J
2011 Fantasy Dem Team Fourth Man

4x32 R

2012 Hugh Foss Dances The only Strathspey by Hugh

8x32 S

2013 Off Repertoire Bands Robert Whitehead

8x32 J

2014 Nicol McLaren's music Craigievar Vol1 8x32R
2015 Tunes for Members Sheila's Strathspey 4x32 S
2016 One Word Dances I__________________ 5x32 J
2017 Off Repertoire Dances Tied with Glen Alva with 6.2/10

3x32 S

2018 The Snowball Fight Mental Retention 8x32 J
2019 Brexit The Non-EU Finale 8x32R