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Spring Social 2019


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Held at Church of the Ascension, The Avenue, Wembley from 8pm on Monday 11th March 2019.


Like it or hate it, Brexit is happening. On the 29th March Britain will definitely be leaving the European Union - possibly. The final meaningful vote (and I use the words "Final" and "Meaningful" quite incorrectly I'm sure) takes place in the House of Commons on 12th March to decide………something, I'm not sure what exactly. This follows the vote in December that overwhelmingly rejected the Prime Minister's Separation Agreement. Last week there was yet another vote and this time it was a vote to decide what happens if tomorrow's vote, which is the vote that was already voted down before Christmas, is voted down again.

Amid such confusion, scare stories abound from both the Leave and Remain camps. As a public service, I would like to peel away the layers of scaremongering and vitriol that have obscured the bigger questions of Brexit:

What does this mean for our economy?

What will we lose by Leaving?

What will we gain by Leaving?

Should we, the public, have a final say as we made such a good job of the first referendum?

How will it affect travel to and from Europe?

Will I run out of cheese?

However, I've no idea as to any of the answers - all I can say is that Scottish Country Dancing is much the richer for dances that have been inspired by places or events in the rest of the European Union. Some of these we know well and dance regularly; some we might have come across occasionally, and some we have probably never heard of. So, as a final hurrah before we turn our back (possibly) on our continental Allies (and following deliberations that went on well into the night) our programme will consist of dances inspired by EU countries (and for a bonus point, see if you can spot any pieces of misinformation below):

A Trip to Bavaria Germany    

Kilkenny Castle Ireland

The Algarve Way Portugal

Staircase in Styria Austria

Copenhagen Strathspey Denmark

Gothenburg's Welcome Sweden

A Trip to the Netherlands Holland

Montparnasse France

Tribute to the Basques Spain

Swiss Lassie Switzerland

All dances will be recapped or walked through as necessary and in keeping with the subject matter, I would like to assure you that every possible issue has been anticipated and I am confident that nothing can possibly go wrong! Further information, including videos of all bar one of these dances, is available by clicking here



In a late development, the government (ie our esteemed President!) has announced the details of the controversial backstop agreement.

in our case an Extra named:

Moving to Paris

4x40 Strathspey

(only to be used in emergencies and it will, of course, be strictly time-limited!)